Yalghaar Movie Trailer Launched Amidst Star-Studded Ceremony


Yalghaar sees two of the industry’s biggest names, Shaan Shahid and Humayun Saeed, facing off as protagonist and antagonist, respectively. Humayun Saeed will play the villain for the first time in his career.

Yalghaar will be released in 60 countries worldwide and will be screened in 1600 cinemas. This will be the first Pakistani movie to go to China.

It is the most expensive Pakistani film till date with a budget of Rs. 50 crore, and has been shot in Karachi, Swat, Islamabad, and Tarbela.

Take a look at a video of the ceremony:


Based on a true story, over 76 hours of a successful military operation conducted in the Piochar region of Swat district, Yalghaar goes up close to follow the lives of the young, passionate officers and soldiers whose patriotism is throbbing with every heartbeat for their country.

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In preparation for their roles, all actors spent time with their real-life alter egos.

Humayun Saeed, who plays the role of a militant, spent days with captured militants in order to prepare for his role.

The movie went into production after about 3 years of extensive research. Apart from using a vast number of choppers and heavy ammunition, an artificial tunnel was dug in Karachi to replicate one found in North Waziristan.

Take a look at the trailer below:


Here are some pictures from the star-studded trailer launch:

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  • Shaan Shahid as Colonel Asad in Special Services Group of Pakistan Army
  • Humayun Saeed as Trojan, a Militant
  • Adnan Siddiqui as Col. Imran
  • Armeena Khan as Kajo
  • Mansoor Ahmed as Capt. Mansoor
  • Ayesha Omer as Zarmina
  • Ayub Khoso as Col. Jogezai
  • Gohar Rasheed as Baran
  • Hassan Rana as Maj. Gen Hassan
  • Bilal Ashraf as Capt. Bilal
  • Sikander Rizvi as Azhar
  • Sana Bucha as Sadia, a Reporter
  • Uzma Khan as Capt. Samia
  • Aleeze Nasser as Fareeha
  • Umair Jaswal as Capt. Umair
  • Ahmad Taha Ghani as Capt. Asif
  • Rehan Seerat as Capt. Adnan
  • Naeem-ul-Haq as Jalal Khan
  • Wali Yousaf as Capt. Abdullah
  • Haris Bukhari as a Special Ops Tech

Yalghaar is set to release on Eid ul Fitr 2017.

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