Yasir Hussain Bags Another Iconic Role!


Writer/actor Yasir Hussain has been in the news for his After Moon Show on HUM TV but what many don’t know (or remember) is that he gained stardom as a theatre actor.

Be it in Anwar Maqsood’s Aangan Terrha or the recreation of Haaf Playt for theatre, Yasir breathed life in the characters made eternal by the likes of Moin Akhtar (Mirza) and Saleem Nasir (Akbar).

The buck doesn’t stop here because he has bagged yet another role in another classic retelling of a PTV classic – Taleem e Baalighan. How … let’s hear it from Yasir!

“During our trip to Saudi Arabia last month, Qazi Wajid sahib asked me to become part of Taleem e Baalighan which he and his team have been performing all over the world for the last 5 decades.

He wanted me to start with a minor role and later take up a major one and I was over the moon after this offer.

The team members Behroz Sabzwari, Ayaz Khan, Shahzad Raza and myself performed Umrah with Qazi sahib and discussed the possibility of my inclusion when we had the chance afterwards.

However, after his sudden demise, we all were sad and didn’t talk about the matter until last night when the team offered me the very role that made Qazi sahib a TV star in the 60s. I feel so overwhelmed at being asked to play Shamshoo The Barber that I can’t control myself. It is not just a huge responsibility but also a challenge for a young actor like me to share the stage with greats. I will try my best to make Qazi sahib proud with my performance in this iconic Khwaja Moinuddin play.”

Taleem e Baalighan team will perform the play soon in Karachi and will then travel abroad for shows for the Pakistani community, a custom that was followed even during Qazi Wajid’s lifetime.

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