Yasir Hussain’s Savage Replies To His Fans Will Make Your Day!

Image Source: Daily Times

Celebrities love talking to their fans!


Yasir Hussain loves to do the same. Just recently, Hussain had a quick Q&A session with his Instagram followers and well, it was pretty hilarious!

Yasir, being super witty and possessing a great sense of humor, had savage replies to almost most of them! You need to check these out!

Here’s a list of our favorite answers! We gotta give it to him, he’s indeed hilarious! 

1. Q: “I’m your very big fan and I have seen Lahore se agay more than 20 times”

2. Q: “Asim aur hani kab shaadi karen ge?”

3. Q: “Happy married life tips?”

It’s incredible to see how Yasir and Iqra share a friendly bond and well, that’s how it should be right. And the one that really matters in a relationship is RESPECT. If respect isn’t there, then you know what follows it.

4. Q: “Iqra ka ghussa dekha hai kabhi?”

5. Q: “Iqra ko ghar pr kis name se pukartay hain?”

6. Q: “Zeher lagty ho mujh”

7. Q: “Yaar aap kab barhay hon gay?”

8. Q: “I really love you”

What do you think of Yasir’s replies? Savage aren’t they? Let us know in the comments below!

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