Young Model, Anam Tanoli Found Dead at the Age of 26!


Talented young model and fashion designer, Anam Tanoli was found dead in Lahore on Saturday evening.

The 26-year-old model, who came back from Italy a few months back, was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her house located in Defence B area and Police are considering it as a case of suicide.


According to a statement by her mother, Anam was under mental stress and had an appointment scheduled with a therapist later that day. Police are investigating further to know if there were a different aspect to this suicidal case.

The news of Anam Tanoli’s sudden death has left her fellow artists and followers in a state of shock who were all quite fond of her lively nature!

Anam has left her acquaintances and fans in total despair who think that its time we should start taking depression seriously. They want ‘bullying’ stopped in every profession because sometimes you have no idea what your words can do to a person.

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