Zahid Ahmed Opens Up About His Nose Surgery & How It Went Wrong!

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Confessions are never easy.

We rarely witness celebrities or public figures openly discuss their plastic surgeries. Just a  few have been brave enough to actually announce it to the public and share their experiences. Although at times, the surgeries are pretty evident and people can’t help but notice them but the people who’ve gotten them fixed don’t want to open up.

Just recently, Pakistani actor Zahid Ahmed, on his YouTube channel opened up about his nose surgery and how it went horribly wrong. Before he started sharing his experience, he told his audience that he’ll be true and honest with his fans and followers.

Here’s what Zahid Ahmed had to say about his nose job

Zahid started off saying that this certain topic is a sensitive one and talking about it is really difficult for him. He also mentioned how getting it done was a major sin he committed and that he regrets is saying that it was a big mistake.

He said,

“Your ego sometimes makes you do things which are not right for you,”

In the video, Zahid said how unhappy he was with how his nose appeared in front of the camera and how often he told the director on sets to take his shot from a different angle because one of the sides always made him conscious of how he looked.

Here’s the full video!

He ended the video by a powerful message and requested everyone to count their blessings and not the shortcomings and never to look for faults in their appearance as things can go wrong. Moreover, he advised people to think a thousand times before they go for plastic surgery.

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