Zoe And Rachel Viccaji Are Joined By Ali Noor And Sara Haider For A New Project


The queens of Coke Studio Zoe Viccaji, Sara Haider and Rachel Viccaji joined by Ali Noor are once again on a roll as per Zoe Viccaji’s recent post on Instagram . Having craved to hear more of this exceptional duo’s work our wait is finally over and we cannot hold back our excitement.

Zoe recently posted a star studded picture with her squad consisting of Rachel Viccaji, Ali Noor, Mandana Zaidi and Sara Haider. The post had an exciting caption revealing that there is an upcoming collaborated music video to be released very soon.

There was also a video uploaded on Zoe’s Facebook page revealing more details regarding this mystery project. To our surprise this group of talented people joined hands to create an acapella (no instruments) song.  Even though it seems to be a complicated venture we can be sure of the fact that the end result of work produced by this team,  will be incredible.

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