Zoe Viccaji’s Breathtaking Music Video For ‘Hojao Azaad’ Will Give You Serious Wanderlust


The golden girl of Pakistan, Zoe Viccaji released her newest single, Hojao Azaad and we assure you the music video of the song will give you serious wanderlust. Zoe’s last album Dareeche received a lot of criticism but it seems like the singer is not giving up and is back with a bang. With independence day around the corner, Zoe’s Hojao Azaad proved to be such an encouraging song.

Speaking of the music video which is shot in northern areas of Pakistan brings forward a positive image of the country. All the credit goes to singer and songwriter Zoe! Watch the breathtaking music video here:

Zoe shared her experience with Hip. She says, “This is probably the most relaxed but productive shoot I have ever done. There was hardly any leisure time since we spent most of our time either traveling, shooting or editing! But our small team, including my mother, was such a lovely mix that we enjoyed doing everything together, and it went smoothly! (knock on wood).”



She further added, “The director Kamal Khan and myself have been talking about this song for a few months now and agreed that we wanted to show a girl escaping her stressful life and discovering her country as she discovers her self. Yasir Khan is our multitalented DOP and Carol Naronha our AD, who occasionally took on the role of producer and editor. We also couldn’t have done without Mariam Azmi who helped put the entire look and wardrobe together. All in all it was the perfect team!”


Zoe shared details regarding her second collaboration with Th Express Tribune, “I am currently in session for a second collaboration with him because we had so much fun on Ashiqi Angar. If all goes well, this time we will be working in Chitral”

She further added, “Other than this, there are quite a few projects in the pipeline. As soon as they come closer to completion, you’ll hear about them.”

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