Zoheb Hassan Slams HUM Style Awards For Lack Of Originality!


The Award season has started in Pakistan as one of the biggest shows in the entertainment industry ‘HUM Style Awards’ took place earlier this week. And just like every year, the third edition of HUM Style Awards was yet again a grand affair which was attended by many prominent personalities.

Many celebrities from the Pakistani film and television industry were honoured with the awards and we also got to see many buzz moments.

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Many people noticed that the pattern of awards ceremonies in Pakistan has started to make their way on lame jokes, gimmicks, and dance performances on Bollywood songs as done in Indian Awards shows.

To highlight this, the Pakistani pop icon Zoheb Hassan took to his twitter account and advised the management teams to come up with something creative and new.

He wrote:

Why do Pakistani Award shows try and mimic their counterparts in Bollywood. Put on your thinking caps and try and come up with something new guys I think you can do better.

Well, we think the content of Pakistani entertainment industry is getting better day by day and yes we believe that they should come up with something original and out-of-the-box.

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