Zoheb Hassan’s War With Nazia’s Ex-Husband Is Getting Uglier


The feud between pop singer Zoheb Hassan and ex-husband of his sister Nazia Hassan is getting uglier and has initiated a debate regarding a film on the life of the pop queen.

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Last week Zoheb Hassan tweeted that a film on Nazia’s life was in the pipeline and her ex-hubby Mirza Ishtiaq Baig was behind it. However, in a recent interview, Ishtiaq Baig has denied the accusation. In a letter to a local magazine, he wrote that he has not planned for making such a project as he his busy with his own business.

He wrote:

I am too busy at the moment in my business and other engagements.

He further added that if he ever thinks of making a biopic film on Nazia, he will proudly announce it.

If ever plan making one, I would announce it myself proudly and being her husband nobody can stop me from doing so.

Moreover, it was previously reported that Nazia Hassan’s marriage ended just ten days before her untimely death in 2000. But he also denied it and said:

Nazia Hassan was my wife until her sad demise in London. Her death certificate confirms our marital status.

Responding to his letter, Zoheb Hassan took to his twitter account and posted the divorce certificate of Nazia and Ishtiaq with the caption:

“His statements are as false and divisive as himself always trying to create a delusion in public that he is still married to our beloved Nazia so he can keep on gaining from her name and somehow eradicate how he mistreated her to her very last days..”(Hassan Family)

Nazia Hassan passed away in London at the age of 35 after a prolonged battle with lung cancer.

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